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The transportation sector is one of the largest adopters of Autogas in Fleets. Vehicles are used extensively by transit companies, often deployed 7 long days a week. This means fuel consumption is high, which leads to more fuel costs and vehicle emissions.

Autogas has proven to be a great answer to control and reduce those fuel costs and to make these Fleets cleaner. Near schools, airports, hotels, hospitals and the driver work environment, it is good to care about vehicle emissions.

The Autogas upfit investment grants the company desirable Fleet emission reductions. The fuel cost savings pays for the investment itself by the savings gained annually. School buses and shuttle buses are specialty vehicles that are usually deployed for many years. Taxi, limo and Black cars are high mileage users, this means that all these companies benefit from long term cost savings.

Airports, hotel and park shuttles, paratransit, school bus, taxi and Black car services, have all found that Autogas makes a different in their bottom line. It provides security for their operations, to ensure they always have an option to use a more economical fuel than gasoline or diesel.

Autogas Fleet options exist for every type of transportation vehicle.

Shuttle Bus, Transit Vans, Wheelchair accessible Vans, Taxi’s, Black Car SUV’s, Coach, Short Bus and full size School bus.

It is no exception to see Alternative Fuel buses being deployed in public transportation.
It is the answer to the dirty diesel option and the desire to have cleaner tail pipe emissions in the city or in the country.

Bus Manufacturers Blue Bird and IC Bus Navistar offer Autogas School buses.

Located in Ridgedale, MO, Big Cedar was ranked as the “#1 Resort in the Midwest” for four years in a row in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. From transporting its guests between their resort golf courses, to picking up guests from the airport, Big Cedar shuttles stay on the road 18 hours a day. Each one of the upfitted Autogas vans runs an average of 120,000 miles per year, resulting in CO2 emissions reductions from one van alone being the equivalent of 584 trash bags of waste being recycled instead of going to the landfill, or the carbon sequestered by 16.8 acres of US forest in one year.

Liz Stanley, Safety & Logistics Coordinator for Big Cedar Lodge says,

“We are so excited about going green. The added mileage and pulling power are awesome, but the best part is the low to no emissions.”

How much can you save with Autogas?

A recreation shuttle bus Fleet example

Fleet savings in the US:

  • 5 shuttles
  • 156,000 miles per year combined
  • Saving $24,000 USD per year on fuel costs.

In Canada the same Fleet saves $39,000 CND per year on fuel costs.

An airport and hotel shuttle vans Fleet example

Fleet savings in Canada:

  • 20 Ford Transit shuttle vans
  • 748,000 miles per year combined
  • Saving $134,000 CND per year on fuel costs.

In the US the same Fleet saves $81,000 USD per year on fuel costs.

A Black car SUV Fleet example

Fleet savings in Canada:

  • 20 GMC Yukon SUV’s
  • 780,000 miles per year combined
  • Saving $121,000 CND per year on fuel costs.

In the US the same Fleet saves $73,000 USD per year on fuel costs.

* Cost savings as shown are calculated using real vehicle mileage data combined with recent fuel costs in representative regions.
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