Municipality & First responders

Municipality & First responders

Autogas: proven to perform

Police cars and ambulances are on the road every single day.
When a call comes in, they have to be ready and able to go far if needed.

With the Autogas upfits existing for patrol cars and SUV’s, ambulances and maintenance trucks and vans, Fleets of municipalities and first responders have more options than most people know. While taking steps to make the Fleet cleaner and greener, significant reduction of fuel costs of 30-50% makes a direct impact to the annual budget of the Fleet or even the whole organization.

Cities have a commitment to spend their money in the best way for their community. Spending it on expensive fuel is not one of them. By using Autogas and reducing the emissions of their Fleet vehicles in the community, they help their community in many ways. Cleaner air and budget improvements is what the community will appreciate.

The Autogas fuel system enables the vehicles to operate their standard gasoline fuel or the Autogas fuel, whenever they want. It increases the total range of the vehicle. Autogas technology is so advanced today that vehicle performance differences are negatable, if even existing.

Minimize fueling downtime with custom fuel-on-site options.

 No dependance on a single-fuel, no long charging times and limited range or range anxiety.
Instead a fully capable vehicle for any deployment purpose.

Autogas Fleet options exist for Patrol Cars, SUV’s, Sedans, Trucks, Vans, Ambulances. Brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Isuzu, RAM vehicles are all part of the Autogas program. Autogas professionals advise on vehicle procurement strategies of Fleet options when interested in Autogas.

“We experience very little maintenance on the Autogas system. Once it’s out there, it’s a completed fuel. You really don’t have to worry about it. There are times when our officers need to get to calls in a hurry, there could be a life-or-death situation. The V8 5.7L Hemi Dodge, converted to Autogas, gets them there, when they need to be there.”

Mike Weaver, Fleet Manager – London Police, Ontario, Canada

How much can you save with Autogas?

A truck Fleet example

Fleet savings in the US:

  • 10 units of Ford F-250 truck with service body
  • 286,000 miles per year combined
  • Saving $32,000 USD per year on fuel costs.

In Canada the same Fleet saves $53,000 CND per year on fuel costs.

A police Fleet example

Fleet savings in Canada:

  • 50 Police sedans and SUV’s
  • 1,872,000 miles per year combined
  • Saving $318,000 CND per year on fuel costs.

In the US the same Fleet saves $193,000 USD per year on fuel costs.

An ambulance Fleet example

Fleet savings in Canada:

  • 20 ambulances
  • 686,000 miles per year combined
  • Saving $174,000 CND per year on fuel costs.

In the US the same Fleet saves $106,000 USD per year on fuel costs.

* Cost savings as shown are calculated using real vehicle mileage data combined with recent fuel costs in representative regions.
To receive a custom fuel cost saving calculation for your Fleet, without obligation, reach out to us at any time.

Please watch the story of Mike Weaver, Fleet manager for London police, Ontario, Canada.
Their Fleet is running on Propane Autogas.

Autogas for your Fleet?

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