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About Propane Autogas

Autogas is the name used for the Automotive applications of the fuel source Propane or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). It is also widely known as: “Auto Propane”, “LPGas” or “Propane Autogas”. Autogas is the most used alternative fuel worldwide. The low-carbon fuel consists of a combination of multiple gasses, mostly propane and butane. It is stored in liquid form.

Propane is a byproduct of domestic natural gas processing and crude oil refining. 99% of US and Canadian Autogas is produced in North America, so using Autogas in vehicles means reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting your local industry.

Autogas is an affordable and accessible fuel. Compared to conventional vehicles on gasoline or diesel, driving an Autogas vehicle significantly reduces your fuel costs and reduces GHG emissions such as CO2, harmful particles and NOx.

Propane Autogas for your Vehicle Fleet

Autogas is a gaseous fuel that can be used in many different types of internal combustion spark ignited engines, from boat engines to lawnmower engines, industrial engines, forklifts and obviously on and offroad vehicle engines. In some areas of the world, today there are Automotive manufacturers that offer Autogas vehicles from the factory or as an option at the dealer. Examples are companies like, Hyundai, Renault, Dacia, Kia.

When Autogas options are not offered by the car manufacturer, an Autogas upfit will be possible in most of the cases. Autogas upfits are also called conversion or retrofit. The first use of this technology goes back to the 1930’s, and as with all technology it has advanced greatly over time. Autogas upfits are very common in Europe and Asia. In Canada and America they are more common in various industries since companies want to save on fuel cost and reduce their vehicle emissions.

Switching your Fleet of vehicles to Autogas is a sustainable solution which contributes to your savings, while directly contributing to a better air quality. The fuel is convenient and available. Fueling with Autogas is as simple as filling up with gasoline or diesel.

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